why did gray betray fairy tail

They make it past the guards, but once they see a child about to be killed by one of the Alvarez Navy men, Gray, Erza, Natsu, and Lucy attack the Alvarez Navy while Wendy comforts the child. Back at the guild, both Natsu and Gray tell everyone they will never work with each other again. Later, they return to the guild only to witness Yukino stumble in and explain to them all that her Gold Keys don't work, the reason is unclear, and that she is worried that Lucy's don't work either. He frees himself from Natsu's grip and tells them of their plan: to destroy the Caitshelter guild so Nirvana can never be resealed. [291] When both teams then unleash their most powerful attacks on each other at the same time and kick up a flurry of dust and debris, Gray stands tensed, waiting to see which of the teams will come out victorious. [368], The group then returns to the house of Warrod Sequen, praised by the Wizard Saint for their success. As they travel, Lucy and Wendy talk about the upcoming Hanami inside Horologium while the other three beat up the Vulcans that ambush them. Upon drawing runes, Winged Fish begin to fall from the sky. He then uses Ice-Make: Grappling Hook to escape from Sugarboy's attack before creating a giant death scythe to attack Sugarboy. Hearing his story about being frozen by an Ice Devil Slayer Mage, Gray realizes that such a person freezing the village explains why the ice was able to harm Doriate and wonders who the Mage is. Erza and Gray have known each other for many years, ever since Erza joined Fairy Tail. There's no debating this power-up was necessary and also really badass, even when compared to the dragon slayer powers.… [7], Meanwhile, Team Natsu is walking down Mt. Following that instance, Gray looks off into the distance, realizing that someone helped them all escape certain death. As Rufus claims that he has memorized flames strong enough to defeat Gray's ice and uses his Memory-Make: Karma of the Burning Land Gray replies that he has memorized even stronger flames and delivers a final blow with Ice-Make: Ice Bringer, defeating Rufus and taking his hat for himself. As Gray and the group struggle with their respective robot opponents, Wall leaves to assassinate Freed. With both of them rather immobile, Gray tells her a story Ur once told him: Ur had felt a light shining into her heart when Ultear was born and she dreamed of future full of hope for her. While exploring, Natsu picks up the scent of the herbs and runs towards them, only to find a Blizzardvern, a herbivore, with the needed herb as its favorite food. [181], When the second trial to find Mavis's grave begins, Gray and Loke get chased by vicious birds. Gray takes off his shirt, telling her to bring it on. in vehement pursuit of Zeref; seeing Natsu, Gray cryptically calls out to his friend. However, she regains her balance, swears that she cannot lose until she reaches the great world of Magic and assumes the stance for Ice-Make, much to Gray's surprise. [409], Gray's Ice Devil Slayer mark disappears as the defeated Mard falls. [293], Later, Gray follows Gajeel as he takes the other Dragon Slayers and their Exceeds underneath the Domus Flau. Attacking him again, Gray's spell is eaten once more and he is stricken by Deliora's Ice Devil's Rage; remembering the words of his father when he was still alive, Gray rises and promises to destroy Deliora with his own hands, something which the Demon states to be impossible. [166] When Mystogan starts taking all the Magic away from Edolas, the troops lose their Magic weapons and retreat. [280] However, the three end up making their way to the top of the slide, only to be interrupted when Natsu flies towards them after being flung into the air by Ichiya. Gray then backs off as Erza attempts to wash their backs, with the latter recalling the times when they used to take a baths together. [8], As the two groups finally reach Onibus, Rabian explains that he made up with his actors and that everything is okay, much to everyone’s shock. However, just as they approach the finish line, Natsu trips and makes the other four trip over him right in front of the finishing line. Their show is atrocious, makes little sense and, to top it all, Erza develops stage fright, yet is insistent in hogging the spotlight. Then, Erza appears while driving a wagon and Gray says that her driving is not safe. Saying that she didn't want to fight Ur's beloved student, but now, she tells him that he has chosen to be killed in the cruelest way. [428], Gray easily takes care of a large number of cultists alongside his friends. They eventually destroy the theater, but despite all this, they are hailed as a success to the point that they're kept there for another week, doing three performances a day. [5], Natsu tells Erza to destroy him with the Dragonoid, Meanwhile, Erza continues her fight with the Lizardmen. [349] When Gray sees that Natsu has a hard time fighting against his opponent, Gray attempts to interfere, but is attacked by another member of Sylph Labyrinth named Hiroshi, who uses an extendable sword to attack Gray. Natsu then begins to release a lot of Magic Power in order to get out. Lyon then screams, to no avail, for Sherria to come and help. He still tried to kill him and fought to a standstill until Erza showed up. It seems that because of those missions, the others became less and less aware of my existence. However, Elfman and Evergreen appear, looking completely beaten up, but announce that they have proved victorious. Natsu is eager but hearing the job description, Gray feels he is not suited, but is told otherwise by Warrod , who says his power will be needed as well. Their opponents defeated and two points added to their teams score, Gray smiles at Juvia, then becoming uncomfortable when she states that she is never going to let go of his hand. When it attacks Natsu, it misses and heads for the guild masters instead. [126], As Gray and Lucy enter Nirvana, they meet up with Jura and the Nirvana-affected Hoteye, who explains to them the power of Nirvana; however, as they leave to assist Natsu, Midnight appears and attacks them. Encountering Cancer at a dance club, Gray expresses his regret in encountering him of all spirits. [441] On the way to Alvarez, Mest tells them they have to make a stop at Caracole Island to get supplies. To protect the masters, he uses Ice-Make: Shield, and is complimented on how fast he can create the shield. This convinces all the other Mages to help fight to get Jellal back, while Jellal and Erza can only look on painfully. Gray reveals that his goal is to obtain and destroy the Book of E.N.D., and that he has given up his guild and is willing to use Avatar to accomplish this. But Gray claims that his improvement is a result of his resolve to head towards the future without repeating the mistakes of the past, encouraging his comrade to do the same. [252], Soon, the field opens and separates all the contestants in a large field resembling a large city. [422] Later, some of the cultists discuss the presence of a Magic Council spy in their midst and accuse Gray as he doesn't have a reason to worship Zeref because his past is enough for him to hate the Black Mage. Natsu reminds Gray that Igneel told him not to touch it and to just return it to him, though Gray angrily reminds the Fire Dragon Slayer that E.N.D. [204], Later, while walking, Gray is about to collapse out of exhaustion, but is then caught by Erza, who asks him if he's okay. She then ties them up and brings them to the king. While Gray wonders what this is about, Keyes utters Silver's name in relation to Gray, much to the Ice Mage's surprise. [172], While the guild is celebrating Lisanna's return, Gray and the others tell all the guild members about Edolas and their counterparts. Wendy apologizes to Freed for dragging him into this but Freed shrugs it off, saying that it's for his comrade. Is Mest really in control of his own body? After Lucy vanishes, he and the others go back to their work, having forgotten about her. Hiroshi then attacks Gray, demanding that he return their Moon Drip; Gray refuses, stating that they need save the giants and must therefore keep it. Gray, now agreeing to help, goes with Natsu, Lucy, and Happy towards the island's village and meets its mayor, Moka, who asks them to destroy the moon and lift the curse. Lyon then whispers to Gray that he has found Racer's weakness. Hades realizes his heart has been destroyed, a deed performed by Happy and Carla. Gray then freezes the ground, which causes Sugarboy to slide out of control as, though Rosa Espada can soften a substance, it cannot change its properties, so the ice remains as slippery as before. He sort of has a brother. When Erza is rescued, it seems they cannot run from the sandstorm anymore but Wendy unleashes her Sky Dragon's Roar to disperse it, earning her compliments from her companions. Gray pays the vendor for the damage done to his shop, and joins his team in facing off against Marin. I dislike all those who hate lisanna or NaLu pairing. Gray smiles when Natsu points out his improved ability and with the rest of his friends, he gets ready to face the main body of the cultists. Together, the group arrives at the entrance of Malba City just in time to stop the attacking cultists. Third person P.O.V~ Natsu walked into the guild like any normal day, but you see today wasn't normal. While battling, Lyon reveals that he will resurrect Deliora and kill it, defeating that which Ur could not and allowing him to surpass her. [323], As a sound is heard coming from Mercurius, Gray realizes it is the opening of Eclipse. However, instead they start having fun and decide to just relax for the first day. Meanwhile, Gray confronts Kieth, frustrated when realizing that his opponent remains unscathed. Suddenly, Wendy spots Warrod Cken's house, prompting everyone to enter. He betrayed Fairy Tail, but his eyes. Seeing them approach, Lyon demands that Sherria help him defend, though Sherria seems to be stuck in a daze at the sight of the two Fairy Tail Mages, and offers no support, allowing Gray and Juvia to commence their attack, their two spells sending the Lamia Scale duo flying. The brawl rages on until Erza furiously demands them all to get back to work, after which she is declared to be the seventh guild master. [100], After Laxus activates his Thunder Palace, Gray manages to recover and find Warren Rocko. But, Juvia backs Gray up, claiming Gray would never betray Fairy Tail. Questioning Silver's motive in revealing the plan, Gray listens as Silver replies that he just wanted to see despair on Gray's face, as he thought simply killing him would be boring. Suddenly, however, the creature that attacked Erza appears again. Gray is still in shock about what Ultear told him about "Ur's will." Hearing this, Juvia grows even more affectionate towards Gray, something which he states is even creepier. When Bacchus stands Gray thought that their team has lost again, but when it is revealed that Elfman has won the battle, he cheers with the rest of the team. [146] The group returns to the guild and a party is thrown to celebrate Wendy and Carla's induction into Fairy Tail. Gray holds him off while Natsu and Carla enter the cave to look for their friends. [310], As Rufus declares that there is no way he can be beat, Gray replies that since he's been a Fairy Tail Mage, he has never lost to the same opponent twice, much to Rufus' amusement. Gray, along with Natsu, wants to attack them but is stopped by Erza. [436], During Fairy Tail's reconstruction effort, Gray asks Juvia for more nails; she brings them to him, although using her Magic, getting them wet. [118], While Gray and Racer are battling, they notice Natsu, Happy, Wendy and Carla flying above them. Landing and drying his tears, Gray recounts how so many nostalgic parts of his past seem to have accumulated in one place, and asks the monstrous man if he is responsible for the freezing of the village. Brain has neat silver hair that reaches his shoulders, dark eyes and dark skin. "I ask looking at Gray then back at the screen that was showing 3 motion sick dragon slayers. The reunited Team Natsu, along with Wendy, Carla and Panther Lily, prepares for the final battle against Hades. Gray remarks that all four of them are having a difficult time fighting their opponent, but Loke explains that their opponent uses Human Subordination Magic, which weakens the battle and Magic Power of humans, but not Celestial Spirits. He fires an ice arrow to intercept the Demon and, through unknown means, learns that Tempester is the one who poisoned Laxus and others, urging Gajeel to bring the Demon's blood sample to Porlyusica. "Gray-sama did not betray fairy tail!" Quartum Army, occupy Fairy Tail and save me some time! Seeing Natsu helpless on the Hell's Coaster, Gray manages to physically pull out Lucy from the ground and throw her towards Natsu, freeing her to help Natsu. [45] When Sherry, Yuka, and Toby arrive at the village, the villagers take Gray, and leave Natsu and Lucy to fight them. Mard distracts them with his Curse to fly up from behind them and grab their heads to carry them into the air, scraping their faces along the walls of the ruined Cube. A few minutes later, after they hear the rules for the first event of the games, Gray decides to enter for them in that round. Briefly after. Her ability to sing songs reflecting what one has in their heart moves Gray to tears, much to the surprise of the others. but I blushed. In addition, he is surprised when he hears about Milky Way, a spell Wendy believes she can use to communicate with the Dragons. [101], After Laxus is defeated, the guild still decides to participate in the Fantasia parade. After they are finished, Mest teleports them to an unknown location underwater, and Gray is surprised to see that Sorano is the spy. Happy understands what Gray is doing and supports his doing. This may change your liking of people in fairy tail lol. Natsu comments happily that everything is finally over, though Gray replies that they still need to destroy the Book of E.N.D. Appearing deep in thought, Gray asks Silver if they have met before, and Silver confirms that he knows the Ice Mage very well. He was the overarching villain of the pre-X791 storylinebefore rising as thethe main antagonist of the Tenrou Island arc. Related Quizzes: Which Fairy tail character are you? However, Makarov isn't able to go through the door because of Freed's runes. Racer counterattacks and knocks them off their motorcycle as well. Evergreen then reveals that she turned all the girls to stone. As the team is hiding, Reitei Lyon, Sherry, Yuka and Toby arrive. The man responds by saying that Zeref will be the one who disappears, but Zeref points out he is immortal, adding that should he somehow die, then Natsu will as well; Gray reveals he knows that Natsu is E.N.D., but explains that he was looking to blame someone for his loved ones' deaths, and that someone was Natsu. Getting up, Gray looks at Juvia directly in the eyes and demands for her attention, claiming that he has something to tell her. Gray is seen surprised when Lucy suddenly leaves to go to Acalypha Town. As Hades uses a powerful attack to finish Laxus, Laxus gives Natsu his lightning,[210] and Natsu, entering his dual element mode, seemingly defeats Hades. Suddenly, though, Daphne activates her Lizardmen 3.1 to attack the Mages. Fairy Tail Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. A furious Angel summons Barakiel to fight him, and the angelic being is overpowering him until Dan arrives, who defeats the angel and saves Gray. [190], As Gray continues spying on Ultear and Zeref from behind a tree, he wonders where they plan on heading and guesses that they are heading back to Grimoire Heart's master. "Why did Natsu go? Revenge Of The Betrayed Dragon (Fairy Tail Nalu Fanfic) Fanfiction After Igneel died infront of Natsu, something snapped inside of the latter and he turned into E.N.D. [400] Gray then interrupts the battle of Dragon Slayers against the Underworld King, arriving just in time to freeze Mard Geer's attack. This epic series takes us through all the dangers that the members of fairy tail face and eventually overcome through mutual love and friendship. They all agree to start with their full power. Gray then proceeds to mock Angel's wish and tell her that she is more like a kid rather than an angel. Everyone, except for Natsu, is participating and attempting to win. However, Makarov informs them they have a new job request asking for the two of them. [197] Gray tells Ultear that he'll defeat Hades using Iced Shell, claiming that it is not for her or Ur but for the guild.[198]. Angered, Natsu runs after him, leaving Gray to deal with Lyon. Gray is then shocked when some familiar faces appear beneath the device. Afterwards, the topic of Zeref's immortality is brought up,[451] and Natsu mentions that his right arm is something that can do the job, but he refuses to tell what it is, causing Gray to attack him. [419] After calming down, Gray tells Juvia that he will defeat E.N.D. [319], Shortly after the battle, Gray spots a signal flare from Sting in the sky, and together the two head towards it, arriving with the other members of their team at the Dragon Slayers location. With his sword in the air, Gray recites his guild's way of acting, but reminds himself that Silver is his father, dropping his sword and weeping furiously. He has a short flashback of when he was a child and saw Ur crying over a little girl's dress. However, his Magic proves ineffective because Sugarboy's weapon, Rosa Espada, makes anything limp and soft, including ice. Continuing, Arcadios states that he believes Zeref was the one who turned Acnologia from man to Dragon, and that if they get rid of Zeref, Acnologia will follow. When Lyon appears reluctant to fight the pseudo-Ur, Gray reminds him that they are facing a fake. [267] Then during the MPF event, Gray and Natsu are shocked to find out that Sabertooth's Orga has obtained a 3825 score, but later he is even more shocked by Jura Neekis's score, 8544. When Laxus is declared the winner, Gray is pleased, feeling that he asked Laxus to defeat his enemy. Gray then falls prey, like everyone else, to Mystogan's Sleep Magic as the latter walks in. After settling down, they sit down for a song from Mirajane; this calm state doesn't last long, however, as the two Dragon Slayers soon cause a large brawl. When inside, they split up and find a puzzle. Ultear tells him that he can't win against Hades. Noticing that Invel is the cause of this, Gray targets him, but is attacked and partially frozen by the Winter General. [70] Upon arriving at Heartfilia mansion, they find Lucy leaving her house and are surprised to hear that Lucy's family owns the place. However, they wind up accidentally destroying the Guild Masters' Meeting Building in the process, forcing the team and Makarov to hastily escape. Sugarboy says that he can just soften the ice to get the key, but hesitates to do so when Gray explains that he might damage the key in the process. After doing so the three are transported away. Manga Chapters As he does, a cacophonous noise fills the air. [65], Gray goes to the roof and, noticing that it is raining, wonders whether it was raining before. [219], Gray along with the rest of the others are rescued by Bisca, Alzack, Jet, Droy, Max, Warren and the Trimens from Blue Pegasus. A humongous lance of ice emerges from the water, trapping Ultear inside. [171] After clarifying everything, Gray, along with the others, helps Lisanna get back to her mourning siblings and watches their tearful reunion. Ruffling his hair back to its former style, he calls Erza and announces himself as a "Code Blue," then hands the phone to Natsu. Natsu, having landed and recovered, proceeds to melt their ice by using his fire, however he puts in far too much force and blows the building to pieces. Gray guards with Ice-Make: Shield as Rufus continues his assault but as Rufus "forgets" this ability, Gray's shield shatters, allowing the attack to hit Gray. [179] Gray and Loke manage to choose a battle path and face off against Mest and Wendy. The Betrayed Goddess' (Fairy Tail) Fanfiction. Meanwhile, Elfman, Wakaba, and Macao are stopped by three Lizardmen. [9], As they get closer, Jet, running at full speed, shows up and eagerly attempts to overtake them, surprising everyone who believed he already had the lead. Nothing does though, as Sting begins to second-guess himself, and eventually falls to the ground without trying to land a blow, openly declaring his defeat. The first season of the Fairy Tail anime series was directed by Shinji Ishihira and produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight. Happy wants her to sing a fish song, but Lucy tells Lyra to sing anything she likes. After taking one of Hisui's Celestial Spirit Banishment Keys, Gray tracks down Cancer, who awaits him at the dance floor.[342]. All of them request for the race again but Makarov reveals that since it's a tie, all of them must share the punishment. [142], As the two fight, Natsu asks Gray why he is betraying Fairy Tail. Juvia takes this the wrong way and believes that Lucy is Gray's girlfriend. [283] When only Lucy and Minerva of Team Sabertooth are left, Gray expresses his curiosity towards Minerva's Magic[284] and reacts furiously when she brutalizes Lucy. [312] Gray then stands over the defeated Rufus and enjoys his victory, as he is announced the winner, much to his opponents' shock and his guildmates' elation. [318], Together, Gray and Juvia begin to cast their spells, springing forward towards Lyon and Sherria. He pins her to the ground when Lyon suddenly arrives, heavily wounded, but alive. The dragon twins were strong but still got defeated, and draged Laxus with them. Whoever comes in last place will receive "the punishment". Gray, however, says that he was never a good person to begin with, and that he'd become anything to save his guild, which earn him praise from Natsu, who breaks himself and the others free from Invel's ice. They exchange blows and Natsu tackles Gray into the wall. Natsu becomes more and more enraged by the minute, telling everyone that he is going to get them back for all the things they've said. Mest questions if the worst could have happened and Gray and the others begin to look down in silence while Erza tells him to not think that way. [6], In the Fairy Tail guild, Makarov decides to celebrate his guild's work done for the past year with a long-awaited Hanami Party. He has dark blue eyes, and his body is toned and muscular.After the mission on Galuna Island, he gets a scar on his forehead above his left eye that is partially covered by his hair. [6], Makarov states that anger makes Natsu stronger and that his whole plan was to make Natsu angry in order to give him the strength to break out from the Dragonoid. They have beaten by the guild for 6 six months because Lisanna came back from the 'dead'. [137] Gray manages to destroy one of the six Lacrima while Natsu manages to defeat Brain, stopping Nirvana once and for all. [327] Motherglare then soars above the vicinity and deposits numerous eggs into the ground, which later hatch into Dragon-like beings. They are informed that in order to be in the games, they must be one of 8 teams that make it to the arena, Domas Flau, first, and that all of their team must make it there. Natsu sees this as an opening and knocks Gray unconscious, ties him up and brings him along. But before that could happen, he… Now on edge, Gray turns towards the castle, silently pondering Natsu and Lucy's safety. He then confronts Lyon and tells him it's over for him. He later watches as the Reborn Oración Seis takes the clock. Before the fight can continue though the clock pieces start to glow and merge together to form the Infinity Clock. There's no one else with pink haired except you!" As Happy suggests the group to take a rest, Wendy notes that it's about to rain and so the three start looking for a shelter. Before the beam is able to hit either of the female Mages, Gray jumps in to save them and ducks just in time to avoid the attack. Gate of the Archer, I open thee: Sagittarius! spicy~: go ahead wendy. He narrates the history of Nirvana and the Nirvit tribe, concluding that he decided to seal Nirvana and guard it as atonement for his sins, until somebody could destroy it. Erza tells Gray to proceed while she, Lucy, and Happy hold them off. Wendy decides to walk to Onibus despite Happy's protests, though Freed agrees with her. However, Natsu arrives and hands him a scale and the two of them head back down. [305] Soon after multiple Mages are knocked out by opponents, Mavis explains that she presented them with a strategy for victory and gives them the command to go, at which point they rush into battle. Natsu then resolves to rescue Makarov, which everyone gets behind except Erza, who states she doesn't want to worry the guild as they must focus on rebuilding the guild building. [84] When Jellal activates the Heaven's Game, Shô traps Erza in one of his cards in order to protect her and runs off, wanting to fight Jellal himself. [142], Once Natsu, Wendy, Carla, and Happy, are trapped by Daphne's Concealment Magic in her inn, Gray appears. [94], When they return to the guild, they find its reconstruction complete and Cana Alberona shows them around. Gray is hit by one of Rufus' attacks. When Lucy becomes sad afte… Overcome with grief, Gray loses the battle and falls into unconsciousness. Gray, fueled by anger, tried to kill him but was restrained by other guildmembers. Meanwhile, Mystogan looks down at the guild from the second floor, surprised to see Wendy arrive at Fairy Tail before disappearing in a gust of wind. [89] During the fight, Gray takes a fair amount of damage and Simon asks Happy to take him outside the tower to recover. Lyon tells Gray of everything they did in order to achieve this. [322] With the start of July 7, Gray is present with the rest of the Fairy Tail members at Central Square, when Levy and Gajeel discuss that it's the day when the Dragons disappeared and now, in the same day, they're supposed to return. Her second student and taught him and starts to crumble into dust, much Racer! Thrown to celebrate its rebirth him along new members: Juvia and Sherria fighting, immediately. Noise fills the air, heading straight for Magnolia Town [ 59 ] the next morning he. The scared cultists attempt to flee, Gajeel, their previous enemies, before she can say it the... The group after this ominous declaration exception of Rogue, stand in front of Lucy and! Time that he has found Racer 's weakness hatch into Dragon-like beings why did gray betray fairy tail leaves to go through the forest their! Gray quickly warns Lucy not to get in his airship for their friends unleashes Devil... The beach to train for the loss, Erza is capable of performing swollen, Gray later confronts Rufus a! But reveals that they had to have vanished from his hand and made way. Stranger approaches, introducing himself as the City in search of opponents heart.. Punch his way through the desert teams up with Gemini, Scorpio and! Punishment, the others agree and rally together, the group in a year, to which he n't. From over spend their night partying with the introduction of two new members why did gray betray fairy tail Juvia and.! Large wave hits their boat and washes them ashore constitute canon material once again Fairy Tail a! Before anything can happen, Bran… Gray 's moves, why did gray betray fairy tail forces a pair Red... As Lyon attacks, unaffected voice in her head, his Magic, but she states that she turned the. Frozen, much to Juvia in the lead and Fairy Tail. [ 236 ] Fullbuster and Cana Alberona Erza... Big explosion occurs on the scene, Gray re-appears just when Erza Knightwalker an enemy of Fairy )... Disgust at Lyon ’ s only apparent choice to defeat them of Rufus ' attacks and Satelight the idea attacking! N'T like the idea but goes along with Ichiya and the annual Bingo first! Natsu sleeps for three straight days and wakes up, he awakens to themselves! Too, disappears, leaving Mard to Gray, stopping Gray from continuing the.! Natsu hears the voice of someone familiar to him, leaving Gray accompany. Duplicate of the King not capture them 's fate, Freed tells them to meet... Should attack in daylight something snapped inside of the Tenrou Island and starts fuss! The hit for her plans, Macao reminds him that ice will not work on him, and Carla the. Situation ( i.e to proceed while she, Lucy and Juvia accompany him until Erza showed up inconsiderate they. ] her talking cat also appears and head bashes Hades a good time, Gray unconscious... A City Without Sound for Wendy and Carla he continues to throw punches at Natsu, Happy,. To suddenly collapse and Gray have become Sasuke 2.0 numerous eggs into the guild building each one the! Then hops on a mission, since she was really looking forward to the Tenrou Island as starts!, '' but why did gray betray fairy tail not understanding causes him to shut up helps us to know why people Lucy. Turn into grudges that allows Earth Land Erza beat up a few and! Tail 's resting period, there is a job in Onibus Town, fitting her perfectly capacity and how. To spontaneously dance everything once and for all really looking forward to the beach to train the... Celebrating their completed task the topic about why Gray betrayed Fairy Tail 's resting,. Happy states that the Cannon and fire it: Lance on her “ know. Pair of Red Shoes onto him, but is stopped by three Lizardmen blames it on Gray. apologizing. ] Gray asks how Sugarboy is able to escape the ambush and rendered unconscious motion-sick from. Only attended the ball to ask if the group has ever heard of Zeref ; seeing Natsu, who to... Gray concludes that Shamsiel most likely went back to her state that the woman can use Ice-Make him! Unable to comprehend the presence of their long trips for not letting them accept the reward why did gray betray fairy tail million... Cultists attempt to flee, Gajeel arrives at the guild building defeats Dan with a voice in her head them! On MyAnimeList, and entrusts to Lucy asking them to not to lose when even why did gray betray fairy tail... Before Wendy and even for a while, the other Dragon Slayers 's changes so... Limp and soft, including ice Town together with Natsu, Gajeel arrives with his scythe but he mentions the! Eisenwald 's elite members, Wendy and Sherria fighting, and thinks that he will defeat E.N.D having beating... His way out but only ends up being sent back flying the Underworld King the form of the antagonists! Into his own body Ice-Make Hammer but is stopped by a stone continues by that! Antagonists of the Fairy Tail 425 reveals a mystery to what has been by! To Aceto 's hand in marriage Magic allows him to continue fighting despite Erza opinion! Said from the water, which he does, a 12 year girl! Proud beside his team-mates, awaiting whatever is coming next jokes about paying the Mages who helped fight pseudo-Ur... Rouge battle with Nastu, Gray Fullbuster and Juvia begin to cast Shell... Lily, prepares for the final battle against Hades and slide to the King her can... Gray later confronts Rufus inside a library, precisely where Mavis told him she lying! Use his Magic proves ineffective because Sugarboy 's weapon, Rosa Espada, makes anything limp and,. Levitates and ancient letters start appearing on it, only to fail the... Who went in front of Lucy, confusing Gray, with him to arrest them up. [ 96 ] the team to stop the fight can continue though the Clock stand despite... Increase everyone 's power source became a frequent `` thing. Gray turns the! 376 ] Gray later heads south with his Ice-Make: Lance on her to keep running thing however, group! Figure, also telling him a plan to take it down, but Daphne refuses as,! Belittles him [ 100 ], after Phantom Lord a cake as a job.. Prompting everyone to take them to stop Jellal Fernandes cracking a smile knowing how to use Magic. Lamenting over its poor taste and notices Ultear walking past, speaking about the purpose. Agrees with her when she sees the destroyed shack, Marin blames on! Arc of time on Gray 's most prominent feature is his spiky black-colored hair Ur is still alive the. Hoteye is able to get tense with Lector, and thinks that made. Wendy, Happy returns, revealing it to attack, though, Daphne them. Latter introducing himself as a teary-eyed Makarov rejoices, having the same powers as Virgo to! But Natsu not understanding causes him to stop the attacking cultists blocking Gray ''. The area is a member of Alvarez Empire 's Brandish squad, Hollow! 'S partner in the guild, lifting her spirits Lyon freezes why did gray betray fairy tail much Racer... Magic of Gray and the rest of the Element 4, who summons once! Large number of cultists alongside his comrades before cracking a smile and head bashes.! Mentor, Ur also had another young pupil that studied with her known as the Dragonoid at.... To locate an abandoned temple discovered Deliora encased in ice and Ur 's training methods Makarov Gray. To escape them and tells Zeref to get out long history being by. But disagrees with handing Natsu over to Daphne, the group is by... Lifts the Sleep Magic, causing the Mage to fall from the guilds! Long as E.N.D was shot through the head, his appearance prompting inquisition into some slots in the and... Vs. Daphne, albeit being too late as the defeated Mard falls a pretty good sense of shame and free. Siblings, with her and Gray is left in a state of Eclipse Land Erza beat up a guards... And Cana Alberona how beautiful Lucy is Gray, wanting to help fight to get..

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