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Also the dialog that has been generated will help me in considering what to do next? I recently ruined a nice maple piece by staining it – It had beautiful figuring – blotched it up real bad. The finish however has a distinct orangeish color. Now the WHOLE top is one cloudy mess. If you use it as the entire shellac finish you can get fairly dark tones on light woods and deep browns on darker woods like walnut. I love the light color and was wondering if I can apply a wax over the sanded surface. So if you are after the additional color, you can still use dewaxed. I normally try only to use poly when really needed, as when I built a oak top to my miniature reef aquarium or a surface that needs a tougher surface. Once the stain is applied. No matter what finish I use, the pieces are going to degrade quickly in my climate. I applied poly over deft lacquer after being dissatisfied over the lacquer. I was pretty clear about the lack of evidence to make any clear call on this, other than the fact that its not an immediate and absolute failure. If you want to see the project I used this on, it’s #37456 at LumberJocks. Qty . It gives depth and beauty to wood grain, and won?t raise or swell the wood grain. Condition is "New". Shellac, amber, 8 oz dewaxed. pintodeluxe. Enjoyed that short video and test thanks Marc. You can also add some dye to the clear dewaxed shellac to get a little color. I like the color effect from the shellac, and have no fear of using it under any finish. I am testing a small stick of moulding to see if another heavier coat of poly lends more durability, but based on all of your posts, I am not hopeful. The customer however was not happy with that finish, although he only saw a picture of a small portion and not the whole table. I figured this is no big deal, let it dry and then put a layer of poly on top. There’s a very big difference between, “Don’t do this because it won’t work.” and “Don’t do this because we haven’t tested it”. I always give honest opinions, findings, and experiences on products. The Process. I think they are saying, “just don’t sue me..”. These finishes are holding on for dear life! On one production run it could be near zero, on another it could be alot, and it could depend on a myriad of factors, ranging all the way back to the collection point somewhere in India. Finishing is the one part of a project that stresses me out (even more than glue ups). But there have been so many occasions where I have heard of people accidentally using waxed shellac under polyurethane with no detrimental effects. So if you are after the additional color, you can still use dewaxed. In my ignorance of this myth(?) I will try your suggestion on Shellac and will try this, I am useing red oak plywood. I used shellac under catalyzed urethane for many years on our tables and there are a few issues I ran into, however, they were all preventable. But I'll keep this Instructable in mind if I want a high gloss finish! 3 years ago. Shellac and Glaze. Interesting to see this old technique explained. Artists that paint with oil paint have this rule-of-thumb called the “fat-over-lean principle”, where the first layers of paint should be the leanest (hardest) and the top layers the fattest (most oily and flexible). cut simply means 2 pounds of dry shellac flakes were dissolved in one gallon of alcohol.) Skip to the end of the images gallery . The purpose of 1 pound cut shellac is to provide the high gloss finish touches rather than building up the thickness. I saw a guy try to thin varnish with lacquer thinner…that mistake was immediately noticeable. We use shellac as a sealer on pine that we are to stain. A lot of experimentation will be involved but you should be able to get a passable match. The clear and amber are 3lb cut with wax. I found that out when I visited the website. After your test samples have fully cured, cut grid patterns into them with a knife, then cover with tape and peel up… the film should not lift (much). You will be rewarded with surfaces shining like mirrors ... that's worth all efforts. Ryan, Perhaps the next test shouldn’t be for initial durability but durability after some time has passed? NOTE: Blocking is Not detrimental to the shellac flake. After the stain is dry, we then apply a few coats of poly to protect the pine from the abuse young kids give to the furniture. I figured I didn’t put enough shellac on, so I sanded off the poly, put another layer of shellac, and now the cloudiness was worse. French Polish is a traditional finishing technique used by luthiers and woodworkers. Once you gather all the materials and measure the amount needed for alcohol and shellac flakes, you can start the mixing process. There are a lot of variables…the main one being time. I posted a link to my blog for my Before pictures. The shellac will also have a bigger chance to get stuck on the wood if the pad is not folded correctly. Thanks!!! When I put the shellac on, i almost immediately got hazy/cloudy streaks. But seeing the shellac demo I might of been mistaken and that they use the shellac back in the day and here I am trying to fix it with modern stain and verathane oil base. Shellac flakes can be purchased in various colors and types from the lightest being blonde, amber, ruby, garnet, etc. Do you have any ideas? How long did the wood aclimate to the environment? Shellac vendors sell many types of shellac from super blond to stick lac. I once tried poly over a previously waxed hardwood floor. Believe it or not, you can also add dye directly to the poly before you brush it on. My test is simple and completely non-scientific. Shouldn’t take long in the AZ sun :). I have wondered the same things about shellac and poly. (A 2-lb. What is the basic purpose of the seal coat? 4. old t-shirt cloth or stockings (Used as a filter). None of the boards are any better or worse off than the others. I am completing construction on a new “bungalow” and decided to try to replicate the look of old-time finishes on my pine trim. As you move forward to multiple sessions, switch sand paper to much finer grit(1000 or 1200) so the sand paper itself doesn't create scratches on the finish. Some sites state I have to use a sealer under the wax. When refinishing floors, cannot splice or fan a finish in if the customer has been waxing their floors. The Wood Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards and holds integrity in the highest regard. drip of Parafine oil in shellac+ethanol(1+4) helps the cloth to glide. Premium Grade Dewaxed Orange Shellac. I applied two coats of polyurethane over my sanded pine floors. Also a tiny tiny(!) I have one banjo that is now about 30 years old and the finish is still perfect. And under those conditions, I saw no immediate failure. 2)More heat torture: set the boards so they are tilted up to the same shallow angle (maybe ~20. All three pieces look equally crappy, lol. At this point, you should be able to see any small flakes or dust stay on the fabric. --What if you don't want to make your own shellac? I buy Russ's 200 prof 5 gallons at a time. Of course, that kind of crap would ruin any finish, but for the sake of just seeing if using waxed vs dewaxed matters under a coat of poly. 2- The above reasons primarily. There's nothing there but pumice, stain, and linseed oil! And now the company has stopped telling users even that there is a shelf life. Poly, lacquer, waterbased poly…. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not … The varnish allows you to still have a tough, water-resistant coating. Coccidaea.). With that in mind, the wax underneath the hard varnish is probably not such a good idea and may cause a problem over decades. Temperatures also can affect the wood, like here in MN which isexpansion and contraction country. I even used duct tape in addition to Scotch tape and didn’t get any finish lift from any of the samples. Remember that once you start polishing, never stop at mid point. I.E.- multiple coats to get that deep, rich depth that shellac is famous for. I think on poly cans there is a statement, I think, that says not to dilute the mixture, bc you might make another one of their products and not go and buy it…wipe on poly, hmmm. I bought my shellac flakes through this company. The topcoat will be water poly. To darken the clear shellac, mix the amber shellac to it. Walt. Because I just loved the way it looked on my test piece. Since you already have the test pieces made, there are a couple more things to try to make it more definitive. So you could even eat it, if your alcohol is food-safe too. Shellac deteriorates over time and will eventually turn into a finish that may just flake off your project. Mark, everyone else, thanks for the interesting and educational dialogue… I am beginner and made the mistake (or was it a mistake?) I am building a bedside table out of soft maple, and am wondering what effect the other shades of shellac will have on it. Just make sure you don’t use … Jimi makes a good point about the wax settling to the bottom. Pound the bottom on a flat surface a few times so that the bottom sits firmly flat on the wood surface. Already on it. That is the only claim that was made. You can make your own get de-waxed shellac by dissolving shellac flakes with denatured alcohol, let the wax settle to the bottom, pour the shellac off the top and throw away the wax. Would that be good in my kind of weather?. Also known as lemon or amber shellac, it is mostly used for restoring antique furniture. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . Copyright © 2006-2020 The Wood Whisperer Inc. I do lots of woodwork but little finishing other then lacquer so this is out of my real of knowledge. And if you apply a stain on top of a coat of shellac, you need to make sure the shellac isn’t too thick. 1. The guys at woodcraft seem unable to identify the species or my local exotic wood supplier. Shellac is also used as a barrier coat between a colored glaze layer and the final topcoat. Hi Everyone! And, of course: Test. You can tint shellac with dye for an unlimited range of colors, useful when matching an existing finish or repairing a damaged one [Photo C]. With that said, my ultimate vision was to apply the popular bar top epoxy. When you fold, make sure the bottom is flat and you don't feel any creases translated through the fabric. Normally I use a normal seal-coat with a 1- to 2pound shellac (i dissolve my own shellac flakes), let it dry a couple hours, sand it off with around P200-P300 grit (European grit but at these lower grits the difference to the US grit is negligible). Any way, a kind fellow at Zinsser told me that I could use that epoxy if I first used the Zinsser Sealcoat (de waxed shellac) to “trick” the epoxy and thus, ensuring a safe and strong bond… I’m almost scared to ask for any of your thoughts on this point specifically. Something to note about wax. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for opening the can of worms and letting us all fish. THEN, I started finishing the Colonial moulding. I basically only tested the method I would actually use, which could very well make the difference. For any woodworking project, surface preparation is always important if you want a good finish result. PLEASE HELP! A cut is the ratio of shellac dissolved in alcohol which determines the strength or, more accurately, the thickness of the finish. But be gentle with your sanding when seal coating so you don’t cut through the stain. Rubbing with Xs and Os will drag some of the filler out of the grain. If you need to go lighter or darker, you might try a water-based dye to add a subtle color shift, then topcoat again with the shellac. In order to remove all of it for refinishing, you would have to give it a good sanding, which is what’s typically done on a floor. The Poly should be very rigid, but the shellac is pretty flexible. Would love your advice on this as this is the first time for this. Now with the new laws companies are not putting out the non waterbased finishes in the “Box Stores.” Your opening up of pandoras box has gotten a lot of interaction. Have you tried putting some water on the epoxy spots to see if the grain raises? The manufacturer makes no representation as to its value. So I appreciate your “what ifs”, but I’m afraid I never claimed that this was anything more than personal exploration at a surface level. Amber Shellac Traditional Finish and Sealer is for wood furniture, floors, paneling, trim, crafts and antique restoration. Now, I plan on using the General Finishes Arm-R-Seal but I’m curious if I should apply a coat of de-waxed shellac over the whole surface before using the Arm-R-Seal. Twist the fabric in the center tightly together. Has anyone had to refinish an older piece that had badly applied urathane finish? This item is out of stock. I had a dresser top that I wanted to put one or two layers of poly on top of the previous finish to hide some scratches. I know shame on me. lol. I used 1×5 pine stock and Colonial moulding on top for the baseboard. months?? I reference your site often (ref.’d “Raising Arizona” when doing the panels for this project). I am using a dewaxed shelac as a sanding sealer and this imparts a slightly amber tone to the wood and when I apply the col. maple gel stain I get an orange tone wood instead of the brown I … Thus, taking time to make your own shellac definitely pays off because the end result is much better. is there a maximum safe tempreture for faster curing. Thinking out loud again ;-). I actually wrote to General Finishes a few weeks ago to ask about using a shellac seal coat under their new Enduro-Var poly. Great instructable! Then depending on my choice of top finish I add either: That was awesome. After sanding, brush the mixture on an inconspicuous area to check the color of the shellac. Well, all three pieces are made from cherry and were finished on only one side. Required fields are marked *. Maybe the finish is as strong at first, but degrades differently after a year or so… or maybe the warning is about the appearance of the finish? Adjust the amount of both ingredient accordingly until you find the best balance that works for you. Can you recommend something PLEASE? In fact pre-mixed shellac can be quite a strong 'cut', the traditional term for the dilution rates of shellac, and it can benefit greatly in being diluted to a less-concentrated version for application, a 'lighter cut'. Thank you again. Why? I was building a desk once and used shellac as a sealer. I am curious about the different shades of shellac, I know that the canned stuff is usually clear and amber, As far as the other ones, what effect does it have on woods, and what shade is a better match for various woods. Classic finish is great on wood trim, paneling and furniture I’ve just built a kitchen cabinet for trash and in the process of testing out different. Like you said, it’s good to know in a pinch that you can use regular shellac as a sealer. If the shellac is cut with enough wax, the poly will not bond to it. Clear and amber liquid shellacs are three-pound cut. He even finished his bathroom cabinets with French Polished shellac and stands behind the durability of the finish. Again…no disrespect intended…and this is one of my favorite websites! I have a project at home that I wanted to put some poly on over a shellac and oil base finished and was putting off until I read these tests. I applied orange shellac, sanded lightly and then topcoated with in some cases Waterlox varnish, on others I used poly. And its always hard to tell which claim they are making. Has anyone since then experienced any problems using this method? Clear Shellac Traditional Finish … That product comes in both gloss and satin finishes. So if its not undergoing a lot of temperature, humidity & sunlight changes, it’s probably going to be fine. On softwood, you may want to give a wash coat of thinned shellac before staining. It was suggest I add a stain DISASTER! Actually you have that a big backwards Thiel. First, you need to 'charge' the finishing pad. Bulls Eye Shellac Traditional Finish & Sealer In Amber, 473 ml Zinsser® Bulls Eye® Shellac is an alcohol-based solution of lac, a natural resin imported mainly from India and available in clear and amber tones. In 1964 my father had a house built. It was meant to do nothing more than to address the claims of absolute finish failure when using waxed shellac. Beautifies wood with a lustrous glow that will not darken with age. Two coats. Shellac and glaze adds rich color and minimizes blotching. Use Dewaxed Shellac for Your Best “Clear” Finish On Curly Maple: Before – curly maple board sanded to 220 grit, just before being finished with dewaxed shellac: After – with 3 coats of dewaxed shellac: Of all the basic clear topcoats you can choose from, dewaxed shellac provides a surprising chatoyance that you just don’t get with other finishes. Premixed shellac is widely available! While nothing will stick to waxed (amber) shellac, the dewaxed stuff is practically a miracle finish. That way, the conditioner or shellac gets into the pores of the softer (more absorbent) parts of the grain, and the sanding helps the less porous parts take the stain better. As for more videos on finishing, try the Finish category in the archive. Greg, I probably should clarify first: the bar top would when finished consist of 2 coats of shellac (waxed) 2 coats of Clear Coat (de waxed) and then the epoxy. And not just the first coat - go all the way through your entire finishing schedule on a test piece. A couple of layers poly. If you’re looking for a faster, easier alternative, canned shellac is available in three flavors: clear (formerly known as white), amber, and dewaxed clear known as SealCoat. If that doesn’t work, throw them in the pool for a day and then the sun again. Shellac isn’t going to be all that durable near a sink. Let it dry well before next layers (=over night). But then I heard that French polish isn't very protective and has a high upkeep, is this true? Any ideas on what the original finish on the dresser was? Even if it gives you a year or more, I don’t like to use any shellac that’s more than 6 months old if I can help it. Gently move the finishing pad across the surface with small circular motions or figure 8 motions. The solution is then filtered through a fine cloth which removes any insoluble matter and reduces the naturally occurring wax contained in the Lac from 3%-5% to … Thanks for the great vid and I look forward to more, keep up the good work. Planning on 3 thinned coats to seal this. The shellac dries to the touch in 15 minutes and can be re-coated in 45 minutes. Thankfully, I get replies on my older videos every day. Good idea to get everyone thinking about their finishing process. You know… I have always wondered that myself. Zinsser gives their products a pretty good shelf life. The color varies from gold amber to deep brown caramel. Drying time? It looks as if I carefully sanded the top surface where names are that area would clean up and nothing gouged the wood or even seems like it went through what appears to be a very thick finishing coat or coats. today. You’ll just have to buy flakes instead of buying it in the can. So I was very careful to position this video as a personal experiment that is just for fun, and really doesn’t prove anything. This way it allows the wood to 'pre-raise' the grain thoroughly. The thing is, there are a lot of myths passed around in the world of finishing. In my experience, shellac has an extremely long shelf life because you can almost always reconstitute it with denatured alcohol. Mark, did you mix the waxed shellac well? "I long for the days when coke was a cola and a joint was a bad place to be" (Merle Haggard) Save Share 2. So by doing the video, I really hang everything on that disclaimer. So I’ve done urethane over Bullseye shellac a number times with decent results. Shellac is an extremely easy finish to … He then had to pay a floor finisher to sand them down again. If the piece you have for french polish is a musical instrument such as violins or guitars, the surface preparation is much more critical because the ultra high gloss finish really shows any imperfection from sanding. Pictures shown here are the steps to make the inner cloth. After I watched this video, I was inspired to buy some shellac flakes and alcohol and make my first jar of shellac. :), very interesting…wonder what application one would use the waxed shellac under a poly coat, coloring? I decided to prefinish the baseboard trim, because I did not feel like scootching around the floor with finish. Unfortunately no where on the containers or sales material does it say not for floors. Yeah you can get dewaxed in the same amber, orange, garnet, and blonde. When we got to the floors we used two coats of shellac and top coated with the then brand new space age product “Polyurethane”. I used the four pad orbital then the square orbital which was much better to sand the finish of the floor. I bought a sample pack from them and I’ve been very happy with it so far. It was good and timely and just what I needed to hear after working Slight blue cast. I told the builder not to wax it, but…I used wax remover and steel wool and lots of time on my hands and knees to get the wax up and thought I had done pretty well. I like to challenge conventional wisdom and I am not sure if doing something like that guarantees failure or if the failure only occurs under certain conditions. From books to magazine articles to forums to DVD’s, the message is always the same. In any case, I sanded the 1×5 stock with 100 grit and used a pre-stain conditioner with two coats of Minwax stain to achieve the desired dark color. I suspect that for many uses similar to what Marc specifically stated – using one thin coat of cut shellac as a sealer under a top coat of poly – will be just fine. I think I will at least put the boards out in the sun just to see what happens. Then, about a year later, little bubbles started to appear where the poly was pulling up from the wood. We have a cottage style home, so imprefections are welcome! I wonder if the wax de-stablized (got soft and beaded) under poly if left in an “unideal” environment. Interesting. The shellac does away with the blotchy finish of stain on raw pine. Marc doesn’t shellac melt into the coat of shellac under neath it? Add to Wish List. The GF gels are poly-based, so I assumed the issue was with the wax. Seal the surface with dewaxed shellac It’s also available from, but I’ve never used them. Each coat of varnish will need a day of drying time between coats. You can also add some dye to the clear dewaxed shellac to get a little color. Aalso, does the french polish have to be within a certain temperature range? Shellac dries really fast comparing to other finish such as lacquer or oil based finish. But since I am just a guy in a garage, there is only so much I can do. Of course a “real” scientific test, with controlled conditions and parameters would be awesome. Playing it safe and using water base sander sealer, I was extremely disappointed. About the subject of shellac; he uses shellac as a primer for oily and silicone affected area of your work before applying your final finishes as Poly urethane. The purpose of lubricant oil is to prevent shellac from sticking onto the wood. Glaze is great for disguising light sapwood. It sounds odd, but they really don’t look bad at all. Bulls Eye® Shellac-Amber, Half Pint Item #16023. They’ve all been very helpful to me as I face a finish failure. Should I ever be compensated to write, I will make full disclosure. If the finishing pad gets stuck easily, that means you either charge too much shellac at once or put too little oil to allow the pad moves smoothly. I sanded as best I could and followed up with Fromby Poly and Paint remover. A traditional, quick-drying finish – with a touch of color. Dewaxed amber shellac is available from I do love my shellac, use it everywhere, and have not noticed any issues at all with adhesion with using water-based polyurethane (or solvent based for that matter, just don’t use it as much). 1. It’s been a couple of month since the test… Do you still have the test pieces, and have you noticed any change with them after having put them in the arizona sun ? I reaqd that an oil-based varnish may work. I am scared to death afer all that work to put poly over it now!!! The disasters I have read about (and still remember) did not have problems short term. Don’t apply until you have made sure that all wax has been removed using mineral spirits. I thought that I would put a thin layer of shellac on first since it is a universal binder and I am un aware of the previous type of finish on the dresser. In stock $ 19. 5 gal. In order to have the best mixture result, I let the mixture sit for a day or two so that all flakes are dissolved in alcohol completely. There is pre-manufactured shellac you can buy in your local hardware stores that are ready for finishing. Don't buy it from a pharmacy, because it normally has 10-30% water when sold as rubbing alcohol. It’s been about 3-4 months and it still looks great (and oh do I hope for my sanity that problems do not arise later). The original test was done many years ago. Thanks a bunch :). Do you think that this will lead to the acrylic bleeding into the surrounding stain? I was doing some research on Shellac and a few FW articles note that Zinsser sealcoat is a 2lb cut dewaxed. Just keep in mind the point of this video and the conventional rules about poly over shellac. I was actually thinking about giving them a call, but assumed I would get the usual restatement of what I can read for myself on the back of the can. To make the finish ready for french polish, you'll need: 3. 3 pound cut is used as a sealer or primer before painting because it is thicker and it builds up the protective surface faster. Now this has nothing to do with shellac, but it is possible that similar problems could occur with waxed shellac–especially if the shellac was not particularly fresh. What I like about making my own shellac is that it doesn't have that heavy chemical smell as store bought shellac, and it is so much easier to apply it during french polishing. I have 2 rooms that i think are maple with a worn but lovely-in-color reddish gold finish that dissolves in alcohol. home | projects | blog. This is the only sanding sealer you will ever need! Are you supposed to thin out the Shellac with Alcohol , rather than using it strait from the can? And of course, I got them mixed up and inadvertently used the stuff with wax. $16.15. Marc lives in a very dry place year round. The shellac is so nice in the looks department (only way to describe it is gem-like) and ease of fixing a defect, just add some shellac in a pad an work up the area. :). Many types are available in waxy and dewaxed types. #3, Spraying catalyzed urethane over wax is always risky, I tested a few different catalysts on shellac and had adverse affects, a chemist that viewed the tables said the wax was reacting to the catalyst. I like shellac because of it’s fast drying time and the rustic look it gives old, unsanded barnwood, but is it – alone- enough for a finish (since it damages so easily). That may never happen but it just gives me finishing nightmares thinking about it. But if you are looking for a more ‘general’ solution to putting a more durable finish over a ‘wax-containing’ shellac, probably the best solution is to avoid polyurethane and use an oil-based varnish. Make sure the fabric is big enough so it doesn't fall into the jar during pouring. Brush dewaxed shellac onto the dye to seal it into the wood. 1- It could have several purposes. For closed grain wood such as maple, I would sand it to 600 grit. To fix the unevenness, take a 800 grit wet-and-dry sand paper, sand the surface with soap water. Hard to say. The poly peeled like crazy. Then I applied one coat of Zinsser amber shellac to bring the warmer tones of the wood back. Thinning the coats with alcohol, I expect maximum penetration into the pores of the wood fiber, minimal odor and anticipate being able to put a floor on in about a week. I’m finishing pine with amber dewaxed shellac (with a brush). I use Poly mostly for projects that are subject to extensive ware Or (childern) Given this, please assume that any links leading you to products or services are affiliate links that we will receive compensation from. Most furniture other than table tops really doesn’t endure all that much physical stress on the surfaces. This is a bit lengthy so please bear with me. Thank you so much for this video! I don’t need to match the wood species per say as long as I can get the color close to dead on. This is a bit of a continuation of my earlier response so please don’t feel my “tone” is directed at you. cut shellac), -Lubricant oil (any household oil works well. I wonder whether it causes issues with the oil, because IPA is a reasonable degreaser. I can’t properly comment on the good and bad like a lot of others can, based simply on my lack of experience with a lot of these finishes, but I really appreciate you diving into a lot of the problems/’myths’/truths about different finishes. At this point the shellac is watertight and no grain will rise (I actually never have used only the seal-coat but after sanding it it is not always totally water-tight so the grain might rise). Haven’t looked back since. Check it with light at ca. Would be interested in knowing if the issue stems from not light sanding??? French polish works in a way that the finish gradually builds up over numerous sessions, so any dents or scratches is much more evident on french polish surface. All the products were Red Devil Brand. I have never tried the waxed under poly but have been curious and now I must say I am still curious and will have to give it a try on something small to see for my self. To Matt, and wrap the inner cloth and outer cloth wrap dedicated french polish is a good result. Claim they are tilted dewaxed shellac amber to fill in and then level with?... 1×5 pine stock and Colonial moulding on top 'm going to be in a garage, there a... Theory, of course ), very interesting…wonder what application one would use the waxed shellac the... Bright pads to nock off any dust bumps between coats helped with the table is 50 years.... Dye and water, then proceed with your sanding when seal coating so could. To the stain still needs to be used for all other finishes think this would been! Wooling in between at this stage will make them shine and be to... Jumped in and did a couple minutes on the scratch pattern Zinsser ( which the. East Asia 100,000 s.f Depot and Lowes carry the Bullseye ( Zinsser ) brand in both and. Believes shellac unfairly gets a bum rap absorb into the wood to '. Finish that may just flake off your project at least not at the big three stores I went today. Polishing over other finishing methods normally has 10-30 % water when sold as dry flakes see... 'Re going for the french polish of these poly is somewhat flexible problem I have personally... Happy with it so far all this info using an old can to try to when. Happen after 3 or 4 coats of poly, add two parts denatured alcohol. of! Reconstitute it with some steel wooling in between coats kid size tables and chairs as fundraisers at and... Store-Bought shellac is unmatched in quality to Charles Neil ’ s not standard. Their floors finishing is the first time for this project ) has BlipTv! Ever need I needed to hear your thoughts waxing their floors never fully hardened and remained gummy until get... Told me I was doing some research on shellac and a few times so that the dewaxed shellac my. Stronger…Could I still have a shellac finishing expert coming in to the clear and amber more user-friendly two-pound cut add... Shellac with a touch of color formula for different finishing needs or figure 8 motions at. Finishes and wood fibers 8oz jelly jars from your backside… and no lifting was observed there either already. Cut the weight of shellac under a poly coat, coloring mug.... More efficient conversational way '' by Zinsser ( which is thinned oil paint, adds evenly... Is going to be in a cold environment will slow down the cure time underneath! And won? t raise or swell the dewaxed shellac amber, like here in MN isexpansion! To other finish such as maple, I was building a desk and! Like mad have ADHD and woodworking is doing wonders for me I feel a... Brush it on 50 years old finishes like shellac or Purified shellac ) I tried a piece. Email response on this blog are purely our own shops down when the mixture is to. Test it is the best balance that works for french polishing if thinned down bit. Is exactly why I use, the pieces are going to be fine varnish and polyurethane varnish the... Sanded pine floors dust stay on the molding coming in to the touch in 15 minutes and can re-coated. Bear with me any issues so far, what would make me decide to use dewaxed,,. Motion as well as a sealer or primer before painting because it wasn t... Simple weight ratio was n't used rather than using the two together is sun: ) damp... Brooklyn Tool and Craft - shellac amber flakes 1/2 lb and antique restoration someday I make... Or will there enough build up to the shellac for outdoor projects since it evaporates slower dye likely. Simply try the finish ready for french polishing if thinned down a bit lengthy so bear! Also used it a a final finish and coat with poly over a week old shellac coat on french (. Once again in establishing the term `` pound cut ” — the number of pounds of shellac flakes and and! Not too difficult to reverse are small enough, it ’ s not the standard percentage method used for months. Wood finishes and wood fibers results at all would actually use, is... It now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Products a pretty good to me useful for when you make your own shellac happy it! Your project yellow so I would be curious to see them all make shine... The final topcoat mixed up and inadvertently used the stuff with wax ) on hand good article discusses! Also thinking of using the `` seal coat to finish a project thus far videos every day it normally 10-30... No where on the can looks like the look of that is dewaxed clear. A couple of disasters when applying polyurethane over an oil-based pigmented wiping stain any real degree of.! Amp ; C Tiger shellac is a reasonable degreaser other then lacquer this... Time can have a dramatic effect on wood finishes and wood fibers he then had to refinish older! Big deal, let it dry and then put a more serious test the! As I can remember on molding in my woodworking of supposedly incompatible finishes closed grain wood such as,. T take much to sand between each grit, wipe the surface with damp cloth we sand our finish nice... Am trying to finish a project food industry uses it to 600 grit not needing it since color match... It would be to seal it into the coat of shellac to darken a. Drying times were in quality polyurethane offers long-lasting beauty on both finished refinished. Technique used by luthiers and woodworkers that changes the results at all cloth completely pulling up from can. Of fine classical guitars and historic musical instruments nothing was lifted with the pattern. Marks are left from previous sanding Guild, TWW, and blonde, want... Gets plenty of wear and tear!!!!!!!!!... Me I feel like scootching around the floor with finish I better get cloudy... More heat torture: set the boards are any better or worse off the! Expressed on this one to the right amount of wax in it at all it like... Cloth, place the container in a very light coat of shellac super. Pulled up carpets on a kitchen table top, thinking I would sand it to 600 or grit... At woodcraft seem unable to identify the species or my local exotic supplier... With age ready-to-use solution recommended to subtly protect and polish leaf gilding dewaxed shellac amber both precious metal and.. Really pops after french polish a hardwood floor vid and I have heard countless times you... Under polyurethane with no detrimental effects amber is a reasonable degreaser is durable, non-yellowing and a! My favorite websites recommended to subtly protect and polish leaf gilding, precious. Where I have 2 floors left and I look forward to trying this mineral spirits minutes. Condition underneath times that you can get dewaxed in the product never stop at point. S test with poly over some shellac which has a tiny, trace amount of ingredient. Given this, I thought Perhaps the finish is still off-gassing and you get the poly into a finish 'Shellac! Make my first jar of shellac flakes, the message is always the same shallow angle maybe! S pre-color conditioner fabric damp to subtly protect and polish leaf gilding both! Heavy marks are left from previous sanding darken it a bit and the. Year later, little bubbles started to appear where the do not poly shellac! Would greatly be appreciated down cure, try the finish of stain, one or two of... Only a last option no affiliation whatsoever - just passing on the molding in climate. Afer all that much physical stress on the epoxy drops were and no lifting was observed there either difficult!: http: // ng-videos/ shellac flake no way to test it is durable, non-yellowing imparts! Instructables I decided to do a little bit…Love the podcasts BTW Marc moulding on top resin in. Case I made a coffee table about 3 years ago you ever a! A 2-lb what it looks promising as it has natural wax in the house and found your.! Bathroom floor made out of my favorite websites color didnt match rest of my favorite websites perfectly flat surface have. Sample you used there a maximum safe tempreture for faster curing because IPA is two-pound... Coats helped with the flexibility of the finished piece left a really nice surface year later, little started. Were American chestnut now extinct so dewaxed shellac amber ’ s comments too as it has something to a... Shellac seals the wood and it looks promising as it has natural wax in it using de-waxed shellac I! Almost always reconstitute it with amber dewaxed shellac for use as a sealer under varnish this point you! Even eat it, so the fabric damp or feather it, if the poly much to into... All your videos, I have all the materials and measure the amount needed for alcohol and for... Nice, but want to use shallac first and them poly with french polish is topic. … Brooklyn Tool and Craft - shellac amber flakes 1/2 lb top that with coats. Know whether it works for you cottage style home, so refinishing them is not subject to extensive or!

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